Squid Served with Rice $16.99

Basil Squid with Chili Paste: Pla Muek Nam Pik Pow

Stir fried squid w/ chili paste, red ch ili, onion, baby corn & basil

Garlic Squid: Pla Muek Tod Katem

Deep fried squid w/ garlic & pepper

Spicy Squid: Shu Shii Pla Muek

Stir fried squid w/ curry paste, coconut milk, baby corn, green bean, lime leave & red pepper

Black Pepper Squid- Pla Muek Pad Pik Thai dum

Stir fried squid w/ black pepper, onion & red chili

Sweet & Sour Squid: Pla Muek Pad Pil Wan

Stir fried squid w/ sweet & sour sauce, cucumber, tomato, pineapple onion, snow peas & green pepper